A New Standard 
of Meat for Tomorrow

We ask a bold question for you.
"Should meat come from animal farming?"
And the answer is "We believe that meat production and
the experience of meat can be separated."
This is why we create plant-based meat by innovating
the way of meat production,
rather than just imitating conventional meat.
WEMEET redefines meat.

WEMEET revolution

Preserving texture, umami-rich and mouthfeel of revolutionary "Whole-Cut Meat", we use mushrooms as main ingeredient. We think mushrooms can be a game changer in the soybean-dominant meat alternative landscape. WEMEET harnesses the potential of mushrooms.  

Experience for Everyone

To sustain and celebrate rich food culture from generation to generation, we propose embracing a plant-based dining table that doesn't rely on conventional meat. Plant-based foods have always been at the heart of human culture. People gather, converse, share laughter and tears, and create cherished moments while eating together, sharing love and enjoying quality time. WEMEET cherish this tradition while envisioning the future of meat. The gourmet experience without meat is not only delicious, healthy, and delightful but even more fulfilling.   We all deserve to savor and relish in this culinary journey.

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