The New Standard

For the Meat WE MEET

WEMEET redefine meat. 
We ask a bold question: 'Should meat come from animal farming?' 
And we answer that meat production 
and meat experience can be separated.

This isn't Chicken

WEMEET creates original plant-based meat instead of imitating conventional meat.
With WEMEET Fried Chicken, 
mushroom-based to replicate the texture and experience of chicken, 
we are revolutionizing our perception of meat.


'Gourmet (美食)'

for a Better Tomorrow 

WEMEET envisions the future of meat. To sustain our rich dining culture, 
we produce raw meat from plant-based protein sources that can replicate 
the meat experience without relying on conventional animal farming practices. 
We create delicious and healthy food experiences that are even better 
than meat without actually using meat.

The New Standard for Tomorrow

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